Jim Mosquera

Jim, an avowed polymath, is the founder of Alliance University.  He presents a unique profile with Master of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, a business background in telecommunications, data/voice/video networking, and a self-developed knowledge of economics and the financial markets.


He served in a variety of managerial positions at SBC Communications and AT&T in the areas of Design, Sales, Product Development, Training, and Merger Integration.  Among his accomplishments were numerous sales and technical awards and a U.S. patent.

He founded a consulting firm focusing on capital acquisition, debt restructuring, and economic/cryptocurrency/blockchain research.


He possessed a Series 3 license as a Commodity Trading Advisor and developed software for use in futures trading.  He’s the author of seven books, both fiction and non-fiction.  His non-fiction covers the areas of finance and economics while his fiction is a political thriller series.

Judy Ryan

Judy is the CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on applied behavioral science that impact deep culture change for exceptional outcomes. She is a Consultant, Author, Columnist, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and is frequently interviewed on TV, radio and podcasts. Since 2002, Judy has been leading innovation methods to favorably impact the most important aspect of any organization–its people. She has created a digital, scalable culture transformation system and implementation framework. Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives.

Les Landes

Les Landes is President of Landes & Associates, a management consulting firm that provides services in organizational communication, employee engagement, team-building, performance improvement systems, marketing and public/media relations, executive coaching and meeting facilitation.  The firm serves clients in various industries, as well as government, education and non-profit organizations.


Landes is a frequent speaker at forums and conferences across the country, and he is the author of numerous published articles on topics related to communication and organizational performance.  His articles and interviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Communication World, The Public Relations Strategist, Executive Speeches, Training, Total Quality Newsletter, Quality Progress, Strategy and Leadership, Journal for Quality and Participation and more. He writes a regular e-column/blog called Inside Out that focuses on improving organizational culture and communication, and he is the author of the popular business fable, Getting to the Heart of Employee Engagement.


Prior to Landes & Associates, he was with Pet Incorporated, a major international food company, where he served for 10 years as the company's head of corporate communications with responsibilities for public and media relations, consumer affairs, employee communication and creative services.  


Landes has served in leadership roles for the St. Louis chapters of multiple professional organizations, including President of the Association for Multi-Image International; President of the Corporate Volunteer Council; President of the Public Relations Society of America; and Board Director for the International Association of Business Communicators.  He is also a long-standing member of the Professional Advisory Board for the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Media Communication.


Robert Teschner

Mr. Robert “Cujo” Teschner is a retired F-15 / F-22 fighter pilot. He is also a former F-15 Weapons School Instructor, F-22 Squadron Commander, senior Joint Staff officer and combat veteran. He holds advanced degrees in Operational Art and Science and National Security Strategy, and has extensive experience in tactical planning and execution as well as organizational leadership.

From 2004 through mid-2006 he served as the US Air Force’s expert in post-mission debriefing, the methodology used by high-performing military teams to self-correct and improve continuously. He retired immediately after pinning-on full Colonel due to complications from cancer-related care and started a business consulting practice based in St. Louis, MO called VMax Group. VMax Group’s mission is to teach businesses how to thrive in a complex world by practicing Accountable Leadership Teamwork.

Mr. Teschner is a multiple award-winning fighter aviator, an award-winning writer and author of the national bestselling book, Debrief to Win. He is also working on his next book titled An American Fighter Pilot: Lessons Learned Beyond Mach-1.

Dina Readinger


Dina is CEO of ACE Coaching Company & Diagnostic Thinking.  She is a certified team business coach and collaborative servant leader with significant success in optimizing team performance.  She has served as a business consultant to start-ups, leadership development coach, trainer, speaker, and ACE facilitator.

While working at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, she was a multiple award-winning manager and independent contributor across the Midwest Region.  Her expertise in product launches, team performance, and customer relationship management allowed her to grow the oncology portfolio by $65 million.

She has a degree in Biological Sciences and completed an Executive MBA with emphasis in Marketing, being named Most Inspirational in her EMBA 50 cohort.


Mary Kausch

To know people, one must understand human nature. And Mary Kausch knows people - specifically employees and employers. Mary's unique knowledge and powerful insights stem from her life-long study of human nature and her deeply held belief that every employee is, first and foremost, a person - a multi-dimensional human being who exists in a complex ecosystem. And figuring out what it takes to bring each employee's knowledge, skills and abilities into alignment for maximum effort and contribution is where Mary excels!


With a degree in Human Resources and Industrial Communications and over 37 years of practical Human Resource and Organization Development experience from positions with Citicorp, Whirlpool and the Tecumseh Leadership Center, Mary is an educator at heart and specializes in engagement, performance and culture as she assists companies with aligning people to the business strategy

Kim Baker

Kim helps employees, teams, and leaders play better and nicer in the workplace sandbox through assessments, training, coaching, and facilitating.  This results in more productive, engaged, and happy employees who ultimately drive better business outcomes.  


She's certified to assess, coach, and train the results from numerous psychometric assessments including all Reina Trust Building ® Team Trust Scale, and Leadership Trust Scale.  She also offers, Hogan personality and team instruments, the ExPI and LTPI — which measure executive and team presence, the EQ I 2.0, an emotional intelligence assessment, the Conflict Dynamics Profile, and DiSC.  

Kim has an extensive background in sales and sales training and has a BA in Human Services, Psychology/Sociology.

Frank Bick

For 30 years, Frank has been leading teams to achieve challenging operational, financial, and customer service goals. In the data center services and automotive industries, he led organizational development and large-scale improvements and is known for initiating changes to support revenue and customer growth.

Frank has built, grown, and sold companies; but perhaps most importantly—based on direct feedback from customers and employees alike—he excels at establishing and maintaining trust.

Frank is currently President/Owner of FocalPoint Business Coaching. As a certified FocalPoint Business Coach, Frank offers personalized one-on-one coaching and training focused on his clients’ specific business and personal life goals. He works with clients on real-life challenges and opportunities in four key areas: Time, Team, Money, and Direction. His goal is to help clients achieve the three things we all want in life: peace of mind, great relationships, and financial independence.

Nancy Schnoebelen Imbs


Nancy is an empowering leadership and professional development consultant.  Highly dedicated and results oriented, she has the skill and passion for helping individuals become more confident and successful in business and beyond.  

She combines her communications expertise with a pragmatic approach in a variety of important soft skill areas including verbal, written, and nonverbal communications, emotional intelligence, etiquette and protocol, time management and working with team dynamics.  She helps clients focus on key adjustments that result in meaningful impact and effectiveness.

Drawing on her marketing and communications background, over 25 years' experience in leadership roles and a lifetime of personal growth, Nancy has keen appreciation of mindset and the power it has to change patterns of behavior.  She focuses on building one's strengths and minimizing weakness through enrichment, feedback, self-discovery, and action plans.  

She is an author of a children's book and a dynamic motivational speaker.  She's a monthly contributor to CBS-affiliate KMOV's News4 Great Day and KTRS radio as well as a regular contributor to other TV, radio, and print media.

Nancy believes passionately in developing people, especially their interpersonal skills.  "You can achieve your goals — you just need a clear vision and a strong belief in yourself," she says.  


Curt Kinney

Curt is a multi-discipline senior executive and entrepreneur with over 40-years experience in operations and P&L management,and product/market development. His experience includes senior roles with mid-market and large, NYSE traded companies as well as independently and corporately funded start-ups. Industry experience includes the manufacturing, engineering, construction, distribution, and M&A spaces in US and international markets, and also product development and intellectual property process management.

He is a Vice President at Alliance Advisors.


John Unger

John Unger is a thirty-five-year veteran Entrepreneur and Information Technology Expert. His lifelong passion for learning and problem solving provide the inspiration behind business process automation, business intelligence, and data science solutions designed and delivered over his career.


John is an Eagle Scout and a leader for his local troop which can boast a fifty-year history of supporting young men’s dreams and has a roster of more than 100 Eagle Scouts among its alumni; including his son.


John’s passion for learning led him to seek and achieve an Executive MBA through Washington University in St. Louis. His appreciation for the program inspired him to give back by joining in groups supporting entrepreneurial activities throughout the St. Louis area, including participation in the acceptance and judging of business plans in the St. Louis County Economic Council’s Business Plan Competition and similar competitions hosted by the Olin School of Business, Webster University, and UMSL. John has also volunteered with TRex, Arch Grants, Innovate VMS, and continues to look for new opportunities to serve and grow our community.

He is a Vice President at Alliance Advisors.