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Digital Ancient Agora

Image: Franck Devedjian

The Modern Agora:  Cultivating Excellence and Ideas

In ancient civilization, the Agora was an open space for public assembly where citizens discussed commercial, civic, and social matters.  It was a marketplace of ideas.  Where is today's marketplace? Join us at Alliance University for a marketplace of Seminars, Briefings, and Roundtables.

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Description of ancient agora

Some of the most important ideas in history were cultivated in the Athenian agora.  Most famously, the ancients hatched the concept of democracy.  Every citizen had access whether a politician, criminal, philosopher, aristocrat, scientist, or public official.  Important historical figures like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates and Pythagoras shared their knowledge in these places of gathering.  

Where is the modern agora?  We're doing our part to contribute to knowledge sharing that is important in this time in American history.  An educated populace is an objective and fair populace.  We'd like to think of ourselves as the Gold Standard, though ultimately, you'll be the judge.  

Become part of the modern agora!

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