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Are My People
Responsible Even When No One's Watching?

Are you an executive responsible for systems that positively impact employee engagement, performance, agility and productivity? If so, this exclusive virtual invitation-only online seminar is for you.

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How Can I 

Motivate Them?

People are always motivated! They’re just not always motivated to do what you want! There’s a difference between being a boss and a leader. Great leaders create other leaders.

Military Aircraft

Debrief to Win

Are you accountable?  Is your team? Accountability — tough word with emotional baggage.  Apply methods used by fighter pilots to set conditions for strong team accountability.

Stock Exchange

Crypto Basics

Explore cryptocurrencies and distinguish them from what you think are digital currencies.  You'll learn what makes cryptocurrencies secure and trustworthy and your role in the future of money.

Coin Manufacturing

Crypto &


Learn why it’s possible to have a new type of money that is issued by mathematics and can be trusted by all users.  We’ll explore a Bitcoin transaction to understand what’s behind the curtain.


Blockchain 101

Blockchains are the elements of the new digital economy.  How to build a blockchain and blockchain applications.  How will blockchain impact social networks, money, and politics?

Casual Business Meeting

Getting to the

Heart of Employee


Want to propel the "human rocket" of performance?  Create a culture of trust where people love to work and customers love doing business.

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Are you a female professional looking to grab control of your life and career?  Looking to achieve the results you deserve?  Come learn how to create new pathways to think differently.

Business Meeting


Your Leadership Power

Are you a frustrated leader?  Does your team lack engagement?  Learn how to develop action steps to drive team performance and create a personal Core Values Index.  

Learn More

The Future of


Can money evolve to solely being digital and operate in a trustless, though secure environment?  How would such money come into existence?  We’ll discuss the emergence of cryptocurrencies and their profound impact on the future of money. 

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How to Reduce

the Cost and

Chaos of Change

Workplace change meets resistance, leading to frustration and anger for unmet deadlines and goals, and potential losses in customers, revenue and the company’s reputation. However, change need not have a negative impact in your workplace.

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Etiquette: Outclass the


Etiquette and protocol intelligence will propel you to world-class status. After all, good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership. This interactive program will give you the polish that will make the difference in your career, both as an individual and leader.

Quick Sync


Management: The Art

of Effective Meetings

Effective meetings don't happen by accident, they happen by design.  This interactive seminar will reveal the essentials of making meetings more productive.

Writing on a Notebook


Writing for Results

We all know good writing. It is the book we can’t put down, the poem we will always remember, and the speech that changes the way we look at the world.  This seminar will give participants the tools to advance their writing skills and become more effective and confident in their communications.

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Management Mastery

Do you have time to do everything you want?  Of course, not!  Should we just give up?  This Seminar will change the way you think about your constant responsibilities and help you gain control of time.  Happy, prosperous people use their time better than the average person.


The Table
Stakes of Leadership

Learn to be an effective leader to the people you serve in order to achieve rapid growth, empower strong teams, engender psychologically safe workspaces, and produce soaring profits.  

Support Group

Negative Behavior

Frustrated with co-workers or relatives? In this overview topic, you learn a new way to win cooperation and eliminate negative behavior without resorting to harshness or permissiveness


Making Confident Choices

Making critical decisions can be daunting.  Reach a higher level of understanding about yourself and regain clarity.  Get equipped, encouraged, and inspired.