Business Meeting

Roundtables are ultimate expressions of an idea marketplace.  Sessions facilitated by a moderator with or without panelists. 

Some roundtables operate under Chatham House Rule.


Moderator leads discussion topic with audience and expert panel.


Moderator leads discussion with audience.  No expert panels included.  Chatham House Rule applies.


Homogeneous private membership group where all are from the same professional cohort.  Chatham House Rule applies.


Explore a project through the eyes of a client.

Roundtable - Council no backgrd_edited.p
Roundtable - Council no backgrd_edited.p
Roundtable - Council no backgrd_edited.p
Roundtable - Council no backgrd_edited.p
In a Meeting

Human Resources Alliance

A cohort of human resources professionals in the upper echelon of their organizations discuss current affairs, innovations, trends and challenges.

Women Colleagues


Women In Alliance

An intimate group of female executives seeking leadership confidence, career acceleration, and the ability to break glass ceilings.


Non-Profit Alliance

Non-profit professionals seeking to focus on thought leadership, critical thinking and entrepreneurial solutions meet with like-minded members.  

Happy Family with Pets


Family Business Alliance

The dynamics of operating or being part of a family business go far beyond financial reports, human resources or technology.  Unlike other businesses, emotion and relation also play a role.  Join a group of other family business owners as they share the fulfillment and pitfalls of family ownership.

Powerful Computer

CIO Alliance

An Alliance of the top IT executives and leaders in the community dedicated to thought leadership, shared experiences, continuous learning, and best practices. Join a group of innovative thinkers who are transforming their organizations.

Stock Exchange

Investor Alliance

Retiring Baby Boomers in the financial advisor industry is creating demand for new wealth managers.  At perhaps no time in history has there been a bigger need for this cohort to have a place to learn from experts and each other.  

Couple Scrapbooking

Case Study

Artfully Aging

Artfully Aging believes everyone is an Artist, especially those in senior communities.  How did they adapt during pandemic lockdowns? Learn how this company pivoted to a digital marketplace.

Coming Soon
Taking Care of the Kids

Case Study

STL Sitter

Learn how this company turned an unexpected software development project into new business opportunities.


Case Study


How did the Indiana Department of Transportation save $100 million using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?  


Chatham House Rule

Attendees are free to use information acquired during roundtable though they may not attribute information or commentary to any other attendee.  This rule encourages free discussion generating ideas and solutions.  For Councils, attendees required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  In other instances, their honor is expected.