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Personal development Seminars focus on the individual and setting the proper frame of mind.

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Etiquette: Outclass the


Etiquette and protocol intelligence will propel you to world-class status. After all, good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership. This interactive program will give you the polish that will make the difference in your career, both as an individual and leader.

2 Hours


Making Confident Choices

Making critical decisions can be daunting.  Reach a higher level of understanding about yourself and regain clarity.  Get equipped, encouraged, and inspired.

2 Hours

Writing on a Notebook


Writing for Results

We all know good writing. It is the book we can’t put down, the poem we will always remember, and the speech that changes the way we look at the world.  This seminar will give participants the tools to advance their writing skills and become more effective and confident in their communications.

2 Hours

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Mastering You

What if you had the power and control to govern your change and evolution?  What if you really encouraged and embraced your peak potential, learned to tap into the quantum field of unlimited possibilities, and could empower others to do the same?

Half Day

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