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Briefings are training and development opportunities — less than 30 minutes.  This interactive idea marketplace can be between moderator and guest or a solo delivery.

Happy Family with Pets

The Family Business

Owning and operating a business is tough enough.  What happens when several members of the same family own that business?  What happens when some family members want to exit?


How much can they spend?

Does our national debt matter?  In recent years the federal government has expanded the national debt to levels heretofore unimaginable.  Can this trend continue?  What are the potential unintended consequences?


Zombie accounts and passwords

We've all done it — registering on a web site we never visit again.  But what about the password you selected?  How much of a problem is password re-use?  What is a password blacklist?

Image by Dmitry Vechorko

Deflation Destruction

While inflation is well-understood, deflation is not.  In this briefing, you'll learn about deflation, it's causes and the psychology attendant to this outcome.  Are falling prices considered deflation or an effect of deflation?  Watch now.

Image by Campaign Creators

The Fixed Bid Fallacy

Many clients like the idea of a fixed bid contract since it reduces risk. This is rarely the case, and requiring a fixed bid usually increases cost, and introduces a great deal of risk for client, developer, and increases the chances of complete project failure.

Image by Albert Dera



Why don't people make confident choices? Learn the factors that guide choices — your values and personal compass — and how to create the proper foundation for decisions.

 Young Woman Contemplating


What is Diagnostic Thinking and why has it been specifically tailored for women?  Men and women think differently and those differences are accentuated in professional environments.  



How is throwing the baby out with the bathwater like embarking on a Digital Transformation project?  In this brief, discover how this well-known idiom applies.

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